Accessorize your Golf Cart

Golf carts are not just for the golf course anymore. More people are using them as a mode of transportation. They drive them to the store and around the neighborhood. They even decorate and drive them in parades for different holidays. Choose an electric or gasoline powered model. Golf carts with seating to accommodate from 2 to 8 people are also available for any use. Adding accessories can make them more comfortable, efficient, and definitely stylish.

What Accessories can be Added?

The first golf cart was used on a golf course in 1932, but they did not gain popularity until the 1950s. Since that time golf carts have come a long way. Custom seats and wheels, dash covers, sport mirrors, and even brush guards can be added to a golf cart. Lift kits that provide clearance for the carts are another popular choice.

Golf carts typically do not have independent suspension. The suspension system is usually rigid or semi-rigid. Leaf springs and golf cart shocks are used to cut down on the bounce from the ride. Comfort as well as appearance is important since the carts are used in so many ways.

Propane heaters and fans can be added to make the cart more comfortable in any type of weather. Rain curtains are another accessory used by many people during rainy or cold weather. With snaps that fasten to the cart frame, they can be left on permanently or removed when the weather is nice.

Accessorizing is a Personal Statement

The cost of a golf cart varies depending on what accessories you want installed. Many people prefer to add the accessories they want themselves. The possibilities are endless. You can even add a security key pad that you program with your own code. There are no worries about someone taking off in you golf cart because without the code they cannot drive the cart.

Other accessories include floor mats, radios and speakers, decals, dome lights, and steering wheels covers that can be added to show off your own personal style. Many of these accessories are available at companies such as Blockbuster Golf Cars, Inc.

Accessorizing your golf cart can be as much fun as driving it. Choosing a theme will make the project more enjoyable. Many accessories are sold as kits and the installation takes a short time. Even if you want a golf cart to use only for golfing, personalizing it can add flare and style to a basic model.