Benefits of Playing Hockey

Hockey, whether it be field or ice, is a popular sport play by people of all ages. While it’s not a complicated sport to follow, it can be a grueling one that uses a wide array of muscles in the body. Because of this, regularly playing hockey can provide a slew of benefits to both your mental and physical health.

Body Weight Reductions
One of the most well-known benefits of playing hockey is its ability to reduce your body weight. The game is rather fast pace that features bursts of energy that have been shown to burn an abundance of calories. Research has shown that approximately .061 calories are burned per minute per pound. This means that regular players of hockey can expect to drop a significant amount of weight.

Socializing, Team Work and Communication
Not only is hockey a fun way to exercise, but it can also improve your socializing skills, while teaching you about team work and proper communication. During adult hockey tournaments Boston MA, your team will depend on you, as you will them, to help win the game. You will need to communicate to your teammates through gestures, while working together to reach the goal.

Improve Coordination
It’s no surprise that coordination is required to play a wide array of sports, including hockey. Studies have shown that playing hockey regularly will help to develop and improve hand eye coordination. Furthermore, the sport has shown to improve the reactions and responses of the players.

Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System
Hockey requires a constant amount of muscular strength and energy, which helps to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. This system includes the heart and lungs, which is directly responsible for supplying oxygen to the muscles. When your body is pumping large quantities of oxygen it promotes good cellular and breathing activities.

Muscle Strength Improvement
Playing hockey improves your lower and upper body muscle strength. It has shown to develop muscles in the hip, calves and hamstring, and even promote the endurance of shoulder muscles, forearms and triceps.

Improves Mood
Regular exercise has proven to improve your mood. This is due to the endorphins that are released. These endorphins help to ease the feelings associated with anxiety, stress and depression. Furthermore, since hockey requires a certain level of decision making, playing the sport regularly will give your brain a boost and help to keep it healthy.