Football Helmets Do Little To Prevent Concussions, Study Finds

Protective head gear is worn by amateurs and professionals to scale back the prospect of accidents whereas taking part in soccer. Duma and his crew dug into their database, which contained the placement of and acceleration brought on by every hit, plus a time stamp in addition to data of concussions that had been identified by Virginia Tech’s medical staff. Helmets also received barely bigger (to embody all the head) and earflap holes have been standardized (so players could hear what was going on). Among highschool athletes, football is the sport with the highest quantity of concussions for males; for females, it’s soccer.

The results of all these adjustments is 25 totally different uniforms by which we will bear in mind the player who has been arguably the very best in Mississippi State historical past. In August 2014, the University of Wisconsin launched a research involving over 2,000 high school football players that found no difference in concussion rates across helmets, whether or not by model, age, or recondition standing.

On the other hand, if that same company goes above and beyond the standards, it might put itself prone to getting sued: Suddenly all of its present helmets would appear to be inadequate, and worse, the corporate may need to admit figuring out that they fell short. The University of Michigan researchers are centered on creating a helmet that absorbs the adverse results of impulse – the secondary impact of an preliminary drive or hit which may be the cause of mind harm in soccer players. In 1985, Alabama determined to use solely crimson-coloured helmets with a single white stripe and the gamers uniform numbers on all sides.

But in a grisly 2007 study, researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit used a excessive-pace x-ray to observe the brains of human cadaver heads fitted with soccer helmets and struck from varied angles. Football just isn’t probably the most harmful factor in the world, but the way in which you proceed to speak about it depicts it as such.