How Much Padding is Allowed in Soccer?

Soccer is a world popular sport that is fun and fairly safe to play. According to Soccer Garage, soccer players do not like to wear too much clothing or materials because it’s harder to maneuver. Safety is important and the proper attire should be worn, especially for children.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend money on brand new and expensive clothing. Many people can only get cheap soccer uniforms to play in. This can lead to players not having enough padding in their uniforms and can lead to preventable injuries.

One of the pads that soccer requires for safety is the soccer shinguard. This protects the shins from the ball and from kicks of the opposing players. It is important to have enough padding to withstand a kick. If it has too much padding or is too heavy, then this can hinder the player from running to his or her full potential.

There are other soccer equipment to be used in the game. Goalies need to wear padded gloves to catch the ball and not hurt their hands. Some parents will have their kids wear a safety helmet since not all kids have fully developed skulls. Shoes are very important and should be padded enough to protect their feet. Soccer isn’t a full contact sport like some other sports and can be enjoyed with minimal pads worn so the players can run around freely and comfortably.