Swimming pool games that anyone can play

A swimming pool is plenty of fun because it can be used for swimming and playing many other games. Here are some swimming pool games that you and your friends should try:

Monster’s ball bonanza

To play this game, you need 3 balls for every 4 people playing. One person takes the role of ‘monster’ and stays at one end with the balls.

The other players go to the opposite side of the pool. When the game starts, the monster throws the balls and the participants must swim to the other end without being hit.

Anyone who is hit by the ball must get out of the pool and play monster during the next round. Whoever gets out of the pool last wins the game.

Simon says

This game needs at least four participants. To start, the players should spread out inside the pool. The person who is supervising the game will take the role of ‘Simon’. When this person calls for an action, the participants must do whatever he or she says.

If he/she calls for an action without using the words ‘Simon says’, whoever does the said action loses and gets out of the water. The last person in the water is usually the winner.

Water volleyball


If you want to have fun and stay fit, you should try pool volleyball. You need a rubber volleyball and a pool volleyball net to play this game. There are no official rules for playing this game because it is only meant for fun.

However, you need to adhere to some loose guidelines such as changing sides after each round, dividing yourselves into two even teams, and serving overhand. If you are the pool owner, you can make the rules up as you go.

Treasure hunt

This is a very fun and challenging game for kids. You require a treasure – which can be anything from golf balls and coins to sinkers.

Ask the participants to close their eyes while one person counts to ten, then dive to the bottom of the pool and hide the treasures.

Now it is the children’s turn to dive for the treasures. Whoever surfaces with the most treasures is declared the winner.

Marco polo

This is by far the most popular pool game. One person is chosen to play Marco, whose objective is to catch the other players. Marco has to close his/her eyes and shout ‘Marco’ then everyone else shouts ‘Polo’ in reply.

Marco has to follow the direction of the sounds to tag the players. Whoever is tagged first becomes the next Marco.

London River

This is a fun and lively game that will get every participant wet. You need at least 6 players and a hose to play this game. A single person gets inside the pool and holds a hose beneath the water while everyone else walks around the pool in a clockwise direction, singing the song ‘London Bridge’.

When the singers sing the “Flooding up” part of the song, whoever is in the water sprays one of them. When singers get to the phrase “Take the key and lock her up”, the person in the water hands the hose to somebody else who joins him/her in the pool. The game will end when every player is in the pool.


Are you hosting a pool party anytime soon? These are just a few of the games that you can ask your guests to play. Not only will playing games make the party more fun, but it will also pass the time. Make sure that you ask the guests for their input before picking a game.