The NWSL’s Rules and Regulations on Clothing and Equipment

With the steady presence of the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball League), and the roaring success of the USWNT (United States Women’s National Team) there has been an unprecedented increase for national interest in women’s sports, says Soccer Garage. That’s given way to numerous amateur leagues, and the National Women’s Soccer League.

The League, or NWSL for short, is the most popular league in the United States of America showcasing the skills of women playing “The Beautiful Game”. In order to distinguish the teams, soccer regulations have always placed restrictions and terms on the uniforms players can wear on the pitch. The NWSL has some of those same regulations for womens soccer equipment.

The main restrictions would be on the womens soccer jersey that the players are allowed to wear, according to the 2014 edition of the NWLS referee’s rule book, every player must have a matching uniform, or kit, and does not have the ability to wear any garments under the jersey that bear or contain logos different from their respective teams official uniform supplier.

A point of freedom for the players of the league can be found in the womens soccer cleats. The NWSL has no rules against any colors or styles, except for the exclusion of additions to the cleat that may be used in malice to harm another player.