The passion the sports fan has in collecting autographed items

The American sports fan is among the most passionate fan on earth (European soccer fans notwithstanding). Frenzied fan support really begins at the high school level (see Texas high school football playoffs and championship games, which see 70,000 people in attendance) all the way through the professional ranks.

Ardent fans attending contests can be seen in all forms of supportive team wear. This loyalty extends to the passion the sports fan has in collecting autographed items of their favorite sports figures.

The sports memorabilia market is a $1.5 billion a year industry, a testament to the enthusiasm fans have in investing in and collecting treasured, signed items from their sports heroes.

Autographed NFL memorabilia may be the most popular segment in this market. The biggest name stars, from the past and present, are much more recognizable overall than in other sports, therefore their autographed items are perhaps more valuable, and in the highest demand.

The sports fan who collects these autographs will appreciate just about any article signed by their favorite players or coaches. Items that are of particular interest to the collector include autographed helmets, jerseys, footballs, and photos. Distinctive, a bit more uncommon items are also highly in demand, as there are fewer of such pieces available out in the marketplace, making ownership of one of these particular items even more treasured. Items, like player’s cleats and autographed stadium seats are out there and available, and can provide the collector a unique piece to add to their collection.

Those that are seeking such autographed NFL items would do best to make a careful search of the companies on the internet that market these goods.

Reputable, well-established football memorabilia sites will provide a wide variety of sought-after autographed items. Collectors can peruse these sites, like Gridiron Greats Sports Memorabilia, that not only provide a great selection of items to choose from. They also back up what they sell.

Truly reputable sites will provide a 100 percent guaranteed authenticity on all items, furnished by the most reputable third-party authenticators that carefully scrutinize and verify authenticity of each and every individual item.

To ensure they’re getting the real thing, collectors can trust a company that receives authentication from such reputable certification houses as Sports Integrity, Steiner, Mounted Memories, Schwartz Sports, Radtke Sports, JSA, PSA/DNA, Stacks of Plaques, and GT Sports Marketing.

When the fan finds what they’re looking for, and makes a purchase from a company they can trust, they can obtain an item they will cherish for a lifetime.