Three Ways to Exercise in the Pool

If you’re looking for an exercise program with a little fun thrown in, you may want to consider exercising in a swimming pool. There are many unique exercises that can strengthen your muscles, improve your circulation and help you feel more alert throughout the day. Checkout three ways you can exercise while in the swimming pool.

Water Yoga

If you like the idea of doing yoga, but you want a little more support while doing the poses, then water yoga may be for you. Many rec centers and gyms host water yoga classes for beginners as well as for people with some experience with the exercises. You may be able to find a deal that allows you to try a class for free to see if you like it before signing up. You can feel refreshed, strengthen your muscles and improve your balance all at the same time!

Water Aerobics

You are probably familiar with the jumps, leg lifts and dance moves found in a typical aerobics class. A water aerobics class has the same types of moves, but they are done in an environment that can lessen the pressure on your muscles and joints. Many water aerobics instructors use music to keep the members of the class invigorated while they work the routine. Be sure to find a class with an instructor who is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

Swim Laps

Swimming laps is a traditional and effective way to get some exercise in the pool. Maybe you are partial to the butterfly stroke or you love doing the backstroke. Breaststroke swimming can also be very good for the heart and muscles. Some people find that swimming laps in a variety of strokes can help them strengthen different muscles and parts of the body. Swimming laps with a friend or family member makes it even more fun.

Lastly, exercising in the swimming pool is even better when it’s hot and humid outside. You’re getting your exercise in for the day and you’re keeping cool while you’re doing it.