Tips for Recovering After a Sports Injury

Even professional athletes can suffer injuries on the course or the field. That injury does not mean that you are a bad player, but it does mean that you need to take some time and work on treating yourself. The injury that you suffer can be something mild like a pulled muscle in your neck or a sprained ankle, but you may suffer a more serious injury that requires you take weeks or longer away from your favorite sport. Using some convenient tips can help you recover from that injury faster.

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment at City Osteopathy or a similar rehab center is the first step on your road to recovery. You should never assume that an injury is minor without first speaking to a doctor or rehab specialist. Depending on how bad your injury is, the doctors may determine that you need physical therapy for a few weeks or that you need emergency surgery. If you do need physical therapy, the therapist will give you some exercises that you can use at home to recovery faster.

Take Classes

After an injury, you might want to take a few days to rest and relax before going back to the field, but you should give yourself more time to recover. If you’re the type of person who must be active, you can take some less intensive classes and do basic exercises before you head to the field. Pilates classes are perfect for those dealing with sports injuries. The man who designed these exercises created movements suitable for patients in hospital beds and those with limited mobility. You may want to try your hand at yoga or use an app that lets you do similar exercises at home.

Use Ice and Heat

Using ice is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation without resorting to medications. All you need is a plastic bag, some ice and a towel. Fill the bag with the ice, wrap it in the towel and apply it to the injured spot for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. If you still experience pain a few days after the injury, you can use a heating pad for the same amount of time a few times a day. Putting a small amount of salt inside the bag will help the ice last longer without melting.

Take It Slow

No matter what type of injury you have, you should make plans to take things slow in the coming days and even weeks. Don’t force yourself to jump back into the game or even to go to practice until you feel comfortable. Some injuries will require that you rest and keep the injured body part elevated, but you may need medical treatment such as surgery. Once you do feel comfortable doing certain activities again, take your time. You might practice for 15 minutes instead of staying for the full hour, or you might only attend half the practices that you did before.

Sports injuries are much more common than you might think. These injures can occur while playing football, basketball, soccer or any other type of sport. When recovering from your injury, make sure that you follow the directions your doctor gives you and that you take it slowly for awhile.